Friday, the eighteenth of December

Reading Test

From The History of Libraries (p. 242-243)

V I                                                                               V II

1. Write what these numbers refer to.

900; 100 000; 700 000


 2. Complete the sentences.

1) The Greeks gave everyone access to books because___          1) Their libraries contained___

2) The most magnificent library was___                                           2) It contained___

3) The Greeks formed a community___                                           3) Alexandria became___


 3. Do the true/false test.

1) The Egyptians gave everyone access to books because they loved learning.

2) They built the most magnificent library in the Egypt in Alexandria.

3) Alexandria was on the southern coast of the Egypt.


1) The great library of Alexandria existed more than 100 years!

2) Alexandria became the center of the Africa.

3) The library of Alexandria contained 100 000 scrolls.


4. Answer the questions according to the text.

1) How many scrolls did the library of Alexandria contain? 

2) Did Alexandria become the center of the civilization?

3) The great library of Alexandria existed more than 100 years, didn’t it?


1) What coast was Alexandria situated on?

2) Who built the most magnificent library?

3) Why did the Greeks give access to the library?

Wenesday, the sixteenth of December

Listening test

V I                                           V II

Listen to the text and do the task:

Choosing books

1. True or false

1) Each school in Ukraine has got a library.

2) Libraries appeared thousands years ago.

3) The most famous library was in England.

4) There are no computers in the reading hall.

5) There are three librarians in the school library.


6) The working hours are from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.

7) Pupils of all ages attend the library.

8) The librarians are very good and clever persons.

9) It takes the librarian a long time to find the necessary book.

10) You can find the information in the Internet in the library.

2. Choose the correct answer to complete the sentences

1) Libraries appeared in ancient __

        a) Rome;        b) room;       c) times.

2) The most famous ancient library was in __

        a) Greece;      b) Egypt;      c) Rome.

3) ___ librarians work in the library.

        a) 3;                b) many;        c) 2

4) There is a big reading ___ in the library.

        a)room;           b) habit;         c) hall           


3. Ask 2-6 special questions on the text.

Friday, the eleventh of December

Writing test

         Here is the  test

Работу выполняем на двойных листах и отправляем на мою почту - Ця електронна адреса захищена від спам-ботів. Вам необхідно увімкнути JavaScript, щоб побачити її. 

или на фейсбук (Николай Жечков) до 18-30

Good luck!

10/12.Розв’язування раціональних рівнянь. Побудова графіка функції   у=к/хПовторити теоретичний матеріал  минулого уроку на побудову графіків.Повторити  параграф 8-9.Відео

виконати тестові завдання


10.12.20 Тема.Кількість речовини. Моль – одиниця кількості речовини. Стала Авогадро 

Перегляньте презентацію

Д/З Опрацювати зміст п.19 . впр.130-132




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